Telltale Signs of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is among the highest cause of cancer death incidents in the world today. It is caused by an abnormal growth of the prostate which disables the patient’s body to function normally due to a serious blockage in the urethra or tube through which semen and urine flow.

Enlarged prostate symptoms can be any or all of the following:

·        Frequent urination

The repeated need to discharge urine especially during the night is one of the known early symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

·        Difficulty in urination

This could also mean the inconvenience of suppressing the urine flow or difficulty in controlling it. Bed wetting may also be a manifestation.

In some cases, there is an unmistakable burning pain when urinating and could lead into interrupted urine flow.

·        Difficulty in having an erection

During sexual intercourse, there is a problem in sustaining an erection. Enlarged prostate symptoms include the recurrent struggle to maintain the rigidity of the penis even when there is sufficient stimulation.

·        Painful ejaculation

Also during sexual intercourse, an ache during the actual ejaculation of the semen is felt. This also leads to a weakened sexual appetite because of the discomfort it presents.

·        Presence of blood in the semen or in the urine

One of the more alarming enlarged prostate symptoms, blood accompanies the normal discharges of semen or urine. This could also be matched with pain.

·        Stiffness felt in the lower back, hips or upper thighs

Discomfort may be felt at any time and is generally concentrated on the body’s lower back, hips or upper thighs.

·        Visible growth of the prostate

Located next to the bladder, it is the tube that carries normal male secretions like semen and urine to the penis. When it becomes noticeably larger, it may be caused by an inflammation or swelling of the gland. It could also mean the presence of a mass or tumor.

If one is experiencing any of these enlarged prostate symptoms, it would be best to consult a medical doctor immediately for expert advice and opinion. As such it could be a serious indication of prostate cancer. Early detection is good because medical treatment can be sought at once and the progression of the cancer, be instantaneously repressed.healthy foods recipes is also important for your health

Enlarged prostate symptoms should be given careful attention and should not be neglected. They serve as the body’s natural signals to forewarn a person who is at the risk of contracting a deadly disease.

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