Essential Prostate Vitamins For High Risk Men

All men aged 40 and above are candidates for prostate cancer. Every year, the number of prostate cancer sufferers is increasing dramatically, with experts and oncologists pointing fingers on poor diet as the major factor in contracting this disease. For high risk men, meaning aged 40 and above and with prostate cancer running in the family, proper nutrition and prostate vitamins can help you live a life that is prostate cancer free.

It has always been emphasized time and time again that the best way to intensify the presence of vitamins and minerals in the body is by taking in all kinds of fruits and vegetables for the simple fact that they are rich in natural elements that make the body healthy. There are specific prostate vitamins and minerals that have been named to shelter the body against prostate cancer. They are basically found in our regular healthy everyday foods.

Today, however, many companies producing all kinds of medicinal supplements offer a wide variety of merchandise ranging from energy boosters to weight loss treatments and of course, prostate cancer prevention. These vitamins are perfect to supplement a healthy prostate free diet and thus provide one with the exact dosages of vitamins for prevention of prostate cancer.

When shopping for the right kind of product containing prostate vitamins, it is important to first determine what exactly these vitamins are.

Vitamin A

The primary function of Vitamin A is to form and maintain the skin, bones, teeth, vision and reproduction. Common sources of Vitamin A are carrots, broccoli, squash, spinach and sweet potatoes.

Vitamin B6

Also known as Pyridoxine, this vitamin is essential is absorbing the body’s amino acid. It is responsible for regulating the use of body fats and forming red blood cells. The best sources of Vitamin B are whole grains, cereals, bread, avocados, spinach, green beans and bananas.

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or Vitamin C also plays a vital role in the growth and development of bones and teeth. It also helps prevent colds and flu especially in young children. Popular sources are of course citrus fruits including strawberry and guava and vegetables like turnips and cabbage.

Vitamin D

Also called the sunshine vitamin, Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin that also contributes to the body’s formation of bones and teeth as it promotes the retention of calcium and phosphorus in the body. Vitamin D can be found in egg yolk, liver and tuna and fortified milk.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E plays an active role in the formation of blood cells, muscles and tissues. It can be sourced from vegetable oils and green leafy vegetables.

Although the key prostate vitamins have already been identified, the doses of such vitamins still have to be monitored and regulated because excessive presence or deficiency in the system may both result in serious health disorders. For example, too much Vitamin D causes kidney damage and loss of appetite. On the other hand, a substantial lack of Vitamin D can lead to a bone disease known as Rickets.

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